Nicolas Gomez Canon: cine y musica, cinema and music. Colombian filmmaker

River Journeys, an innovative project conceived by Vicheversa, delves into the rich tapestry of culture and geography within the Chocó region, primarily navigating the Atrato River. This ambitious initiative seamlessly intertwines exploration with the craft of viche, a traditional beverage deeply rooted in the local culture. As the project unfolded, a captivating sonic soundscape emerged, encapsulating the essence of the journey along the Atrato. One of the highlights is the remix of a timeless traditional song, skillfully penned and performed by maestro Luis Estorgio Palacios. The culmination of River Journeys is a harmonious blend of auditory and cultural experiences, inviting listeners to embark on a sensory voyage through the heart of Chocó's natural beauty and musical heritage.