Nicolas Gomez Canon: cine y musica, cinema and music. Colombian filmmaker

Las memorias del sol: VR and inmersive full dome experience by Álvaro Rodríguez Badel

Original music and sound design 

An inmersive full dome experience in which ancestral concepts and Amazonic wisdom dialogue with cutting-edge scientific ideas related to the functioning of the jungle. Thus, under the shadow of the collapse of the Amazon forest, the project opens a portal to that unknown universe, a place that can radiate a new spirituality and another way of inhabiting the planet, traveling through the bowels of the jungle visiting it with thought. The approach to these issues is not proposed through a scientific, theoretical or objective approach; but rather through a sensory recognition of these universes. Thus generating a contemporary documentation of the ecosystem through images made using new technologies such as machine learning and 3D scans of the Amazon jungle made with photogrammetry.

This project was screened in the RealMix-Arte no Escadao Festival in Bogotá and Sao Paulo, as well as in the Planetario de Bogotá, and MaMa Galleria (New York). Two versions of the project exist: one is VR and the other is a Fulldome experience.

Sound Design excerpt